Book Creator… for Chromebooks!

Teachers and students across SD61 have been using Book Creator on iPads to tell stories, demonstrate their thinking, and produce visually rich eBooks and presentations in their classrooms. Book Creator is now available as a Chromebook App that can be used by our intermediate and middle school learners as they move from using iPads in their classroom to Gsuite and Chromebooks.

To download and read the “Getting Started with Book Creator” PDF documentation, click here to jump to the bottom of the page.

Adding Book Creator to your Chromebook learning environment is easy! Follow the steps below:

Install the Book Creator app in the Chrome Web Store to add it to your Chrome profile on the Chromebook.


You’ll be guided through the installation process after you click on “Add to Chrome”. The screenshots below detail what the installation process looks like on the Chromebook:

The Chrome Web Store will confirm that you want to install the app


The Chromebook will indicate that the app has been installed to your Chrome profile.


You’ll need to create an account to use Book Creator. Click on Teacher sign in and you can use your account to create an account.


Once you are logged in to your account, the Book Creator environment will behave just like it does on an iPad. For tips and tricks to help you get started, be sure to read through the “Getting Started with Book Creator” book that comes as your first book. You can also read the book in PDF form from the bottom of this page (click here to jump to the bottom of the page).


As a teacher, you can create logins for your students without forcing them to reveal their email addresses. After you’ve logged in to your teacher account, Select your icon or picture in the top right-hand corner of the screen and choose “QR logins” from the menu.

You can create logins for your students by entering their names. To protect their privacy, you can also use a generic identifier for usernames and distribute those to the students.


Choose a name for the library where your student books will belong. You may want to name this after your name and division

To allow your students to log in and get started with Book Creator, print off the QR codes and distribute them to your class. This will serve as their login and automatically add them to your class library.


When it’s time to get students signed in, we recommend that you use the QR login exclusively for your class. Using the QR code will automatically import your students to the correct library and prevent the need for students to log in with any personally identifying information. While there is the option to sign in using a Google account, we strongly advise that students use the QR code login method for the above reasons.

Scanning the QR codes will require the use of the Chromebook camera. Hold the QR code in frame to log in.


Finally, students will be asked to choose an avatar when they first log in. This doesn’t need to be an actual photo of them, but note that it will be the image that represents them when you see their name in the class list.

You’re all set! The free version of Book Creator for Chrome lets you create 40 books and host a single library. There are upgrade options available for purchase. See the book creator site for more information on purchasing extended licensing.

Getting started with Book Creator