Google Sheets

Google Sheets is a powerful spreadsheet app. It looks and functions much like any other spreadsheet tool, but because it’s an online app, it offers much more. Here are some of the things that make it so much better:

  • It’s a web-based spreadsheet that you can use anywhere—no more forgetting your spreadsheet files at home.
  • It works from any device, with mobile apps for iOS and Android along with its web-based core app.
  • Google Sheets is free, and it’s bundled with Google Drive, Docs, and Slides to share files, documents, and presentations online.
  • It includes almost all of the same spreadsheet functions—if you know how to use Excel, you’ll feel at home in Google Sheets.
  • You can download add-ons, create your own, and write custom code.
  • It’s online, so you can gather data with your spreadsheet automatically and do almost anything you want, even when your spreadsheet isn’t open.