ELL iPacks

iPack Apps

Based on teacher feedback, the iPads are requested to be pre-loaded with both paid and free educational apps.  Here is the list of pre-loaded apps that can be loaded with a focus that allows for what the iPad does best – creating digital content using audio, video, and photo as well as documenting learning. This list continues to grow as new apps are vetted and added to our centralized list.

KeynoteExplain Everything (3.49)Comic Life (5.79)QR Reader
NumbersBook Creator (5.79) Paper 53Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Classroom
PagesEducreations 2.0Stop MotionTwitter
PoppletSkitchPic Collage Google Earth
Voice Recorder ProScribJabPuppet Pals HDFresh Grade Student/Fresh Grade QuickCapture
WordpressHaiku DeckTellagamiYoutube
EvernoteAdobe SparkTouchcastSocrative Student
DuolingoGoogle TranslateiMovieQuizlet

The set is designed so that the iPads are loaded and ready to go for low technical impact on the teacher. Each set is designed to give access to devices to one classroom throughout the school day. Additional apps can be loaded on the set of iPads through a webhelpdesk ticket. There is no Apple ID stored on the iPads, and a management system installs and updates the apps for you.

What is an iPack?

An “iPack” is a small set (6-10) of shared iPad minis that are stored in a portable ipackcase, complete with power bar and charging connections for a classroom. At this point, the iPads are centrally managed by IT. The iPads and are pre-loaded with educational apps that provide a range of uses to support student learning.   The iPack is a tool for collaboration that provides access to digital resources as well as space to create digitally.  The iPack is designed to live in one classroom so that the iPads are assessable throughout the day in moments of need and inspiration. The iPack is designed to facilitate and supplement BYOD that is already happening in our school. The iPack facilitates moments of creativity that integrates seamlessly and efficiently into classroom learning.  As one of many ways to the use the iPads, the iPads allow students to use any combination of audio, video, and photo to help explain their thinking or represent their understanding.

Recipe for the iPack Case and Costs

6 iPad mini 2sApple.ca~$1,854
Storage box (Plano 781)walmart.ca~$12.98
Charging striplondondrugs.com~$15.99
Foam Divider foamzone.ca~$30.00
Preloaded appssee below~$15.07
Total~$1928.04 plus taxes and shipping