TEC Package 3.0

The package includes a wall-mounted ultra short-thrown projector called the Epson 575W,  Epson Active speakers, control box, screen and an Apple TV. You can stream video content wirelessly to the projector via AirPlay using an iPad or iPhone or from your teacher laptop/desktop using the Air Parrot tool.

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OverviewThe Control Box ● Cables ● The Remote ● Playing Sound without the Projector ● Using AirPlay with your iPhone or iPad


TEC Package 3.0 Overview

Please view the following guides below or download this all as a printable .PDF file


The Control Box

The control box for our TEC packages offers both a fully “hard-wired” setup which makes for a reliable connection to the projector and speakers, and/or a wireless connection via the Apple TV.  Outlined below are a few points to note for the different connections – VGA or HDMI – that can be used for presenting in the classroom. VGA requires an audio cable (AUX,) plugged into both the control box and device, if sound is needed, but HDMI is a simple one plug interface that carries both the video and audio in the same plug.

TEC Package Control Box


A HDMI cable is provided with your system. Please be aware that it only works in one direction. This means that you can only plug the “source” end of the cable into your laptop. It will carry both video and audio through one cable, so this will be your most common choice when available. VGA cables are larger and will require a separate audio cable that connects to your computer’s headphone jack.

HDMI Cable 35mm Aux Headphone Cable

The Remote

Epson Projector Remote

How do I play sound without using my projector?

You are able to play sound from any device plugged in through either HDMI, a headphone jack (AUX) OR wirelessly via AirPlay on Macs, iPads, or iPhones.

To enable this, you initially need to change two settings on your projector. You will only need to do this once.

1. Press menu on the remote – then select “ECO” – then select “Standby Mode” – then select “Communication On”.

Eco Menu in Epson Projector

2. Go to Extended – then select “AV Settings” – then select “AC Output” – and select “Always On”.

3. Finally, when wanting to play music, power on the projector, select the input, start the music, then shut off the projector and the music will still play. This will work for your desktop, educator laptop, iPhone, or iPad.

AirPlay Audio from your iPhone or iPad

You can stream audio from your iPhone or iPad easily using AirPlay.

Streaming audio from your music library.

Select the upwards pointing arrow icon from under the volume slider.
Select the appropriate Apple TV from the list.

Streaming audio from YouTube

1. Select the upwards facing arrow icon, to the left of the “full screen” box.
2. Select the appropriate Apple TV from the list.

You will find this to be a similar process when using other types of audio apps, i.e. Spotify, etc.