TEC Package 4.0 – Touch

This guide will detail some of the common problems users experience when using the interactive features of the Epson PowerLite projectors in some classrooms. The interactive (touch-enabled) TEC packages include a laser-driven scanning unit to detect the interactive pens.
(Note: Some of the touch-enabled projector packages do not contain a separate unit as the scanning functionality is built into the projector itself. A USB connection is still required with these systems.)

For information about non-touch-enabled TEC packages (3.0 and earlier), please click here.
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RequirementsCalibration ● Screen Flickering ● Using Pens ● Compressed Image



TEC Package 4.0 Requirements

In order to use the interactive features in the projector TEC packages, the interactive scanning unit needs to be plugged in (if applicable). Additionally, the source computer will need to be connected to the TEC package control box via a USB connection. (Note: While transmitting video wirelessly is possible using the included AppleTV units, there is currently no wireless functionality for interactivity and therefore the computer must be connected via USB as shown in the picture below)


If the position of the pen doesn’t appear to match what is happening on the screen, it is possible that the unit needs to be recalibrated.

Auto-calibration screen

During auto-calibration, the projector will briefly show a pattern on the screen.

The auto-calibration setting within the menu will both re-calibrate the wide beam laser scanner and run a diagnostic on the projection surface. The auto-calibration will only fail if the magnets or stickers on the board actually interfere with the initial calibration. If the calibration completes successfully, assume that the items on the white board are not interfering with functionality.

Screen Flickering

If the screen flickers when objects are placed close to the whiteboard space, is is possible that the Hovering setting is interfering with performance. Toggling this setting to “off” in the menu usually improves the situation.  

For improved performance, press the Menu button on the Epson remote. Scroll down to the Extended option In the projector’s Extended menu, select Easy Interactive Function > Hovering > Off.

Press Menu to reach the projector’s Settings screen.

Using Pens

For best results, use the included interactive pens instead of fingers for interactivity and writing. The pens provided with the TEC packages are more effective and accurate than using your finger to draw. The pen location is triangulated by the sensors in the projector. Ideally, teachers should hold the pen perpendicular to the surface (at a 90° angle) for maximum accuracy.

Epson Pens and ChargerThe interactive pens are fitted with reliable rechargeable batteries. A recharger was included with the installation and teachers can recharge batteries overnight if the pen stops working. Users can expect to use the pens reliably for 1-2 months without needing a recharge. Note: the button on the pens will flicker a blue light when the batteries are running low.



Compressed Image

The compressed image that appears from the projector when working with AirParrot is possibly caused by the Apple TV settings adjusting for a possible discrepancy in display resolutions.

The true projection range is indicated (in this image) by the yellow rectangle. To maximize the available image, follow the instructions below. (Note: the yellow rectangle in this image as been added for demonstration purposes)


There are two steps to make the image appear normally on the projector:

First, turn off AirPlay underscan: In the Apple TV Settings menu, select AirPlay > AirPlay Display Underscan > Off.

Next, change the resolution in Windows to match the projector. Right-click on the desktop, select Screen Resolution. Choose a high resolution, ideally 1280 x 768.