TEC Package 1.0

The TEC package includes the following items: a mounted short-throw projector, a bluetooth enabled sound system, a pull down screen, an Apple TV, an iPad, and an iPad holder. The package considers the integration of all possible current technology in the classroom and allows for the addition of new technology integration as well. It is installed in a way that is secured, out of the way and easy to use.

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Capabilities ● Projector/Audio Remote ● Bluetooth Audio ● Airplay



The package has the capabilities of projecting a desktop computer, laptop, DVD player, iPad, or other device present in the classroom. The sound system allows for seamless audio to match the above video projections. Moving forward, the Apple TV allows for the capability to share video with audio from any computer, laptop, or device in the classroom instantly and wirelessly from a student/teacher desk.

The TEC package 1.0 offers great instructional opportunities with the bonus of offering time for teachers to use an iPad in the classroom.

Projector/Audio Remote

  • Press “red button”- to turn on the projector
  • Press  “Source Search”- to choose
    • VGA = computer/laptop
    • Composite = DVD player
    • HDMI = Apple TV/laptop/tablet
  • Volume is adjusted on small grey Califone remote

Audio using Bluetooth

  • The mic has this remote attached and will separately turn on and integrate into the existing audio
  • Use Bluetooth technology to operate audio with laptop, iPad, iPhone or other Bluetooth-enabled device
    • Go to “Settings”, then “Bluetooth”, turn on Bluetooth, and select the device to pair


Airplay (includes audio and video) using WIFI

  • The Apple TV can only be used with WIFI
  • In any WIFI-enabled building in the district, the iPad will automatically enroll onto the network and access GVSD-WIFI-C and your Apple TV.
  • Apple TV will be named after your room number – eg: 302
  • “Airplay” allows you to connect your Mac laptop/device to the projector from anywhere in the classroom.
  • To connect using iOS7 “Control Center”
    • Swipe up to access the control center
    • Tap on the “Airplay” button
    • Choose the Apple TV room number eg – 302
    • Swipe the “Mirroring” switch
    • Type in the code that appears on the projected screen