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  • Turning off the Zoom HD Video Option

    SD61 staff should ensure that the option to use HD video with Zoom is disabled. HD video does not  improve Zoom meetings significantly on

  • Student Google Account Names Changed to Student ID Numbers

    Student Google account names have been changed to match their SD61 student number. This change was made for data privacy, and systems integration reasons.

  • Edpuzzle

    Edpuzzle allows you to make any video your lesson. Embed your own questions, voiceover or audio notes in videos from a wide variety of

  • Google Account Creation for New Secondary Students

    Students who are new in Grade 9 or higher will use Student Connect to create a District Google account. Follow the instructions below to

  • PowerSchool Support

    Our PowerSchool/Atrieve software is now hosted online. As a result GVSD Staff no longer have the ability to reset passwords and perform certain other

  • Microsoft Bookings

    What is Microsoft Bookings?

    Bookings is a Microsoft 365 product that integrates with an organization’s Outlook calendars. It is used to book and manage appointments

  • TextHelp PDF Reader Relaunched as OrbitDoc

    TextHelp’s PDF Reader is an approved browser extension in use across the district. It is part of the Read&Write suite of tools. PDF Reader

  • Google Drive Security Update Breaks Some Links

    Google has updated some links to shared files in order to increase the security of these files. A list of the affected files is

  • Read & Write

    Read&Write is a suite of tools that helps students collect, comprehend and compose infomation on the web. Using the various tools in Read&Write students

  • Fluency Tutor

    Fluency Tutor provides reading passages to support emerging readers. Students can have the passages read aloud and make use of a dictionary and/or translator

  • EquatiO

    EquatiO is a math tool that allows students and teachers to write equations and solutions easily on a digital platform. Handwritten input is converted

  • Lexia Learning

    Lexia Learning publishes a series of apps to build basic literacy. Assessment tools are included along with apps that allow teachers to develop a

  • DuoLingo

    DuoLingo is a popular language learning app. It awards gaming elements such as points, levels and badges as students complete new oral, written and

  • Padlet

    Padlet is an electronic bulletin board. School staff and students can post information about classroom and school-wide events, projects, initiatives, etc. Posts are organized

  • Quizlet

    Quizlet is a digital flashcard app. There are game modes and other study aid tools built in. Students can create their own flashcard sets

  • Desmos

    Desmos is a free-to-use suite of math software including graphic & scientific calculators. It can plot equations and uses sliders, tables, statistics and other

  • Newslea

    Newslea is a news and current events app that publishes new articles daily. Every article is written for five different reading levels, and the

  • Renewing Wi-Fi Certificates for Apple Devices

    Each summer the Wi-Fi certificate that allows Apple devices to connect to SD61 Wi-Fi must be renewed. District managed devices, including all iPads

  • Using Outlook Mobile App for SD61 Email

    Microsoft publishes an Outlook Mobile App for Android and iPhone, available on each platform’s App Store. The app provides a few key advantages over

  • Import Google Calendar Events with CSV

    Entering a year’s worth of events by clicking through dates on your  Google Calendar pages is monotonous, and a poor use of your precious