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  • Refine Outlook’s Editor Suggestions

    Outlook WebMail has powerful AI tools to help you compose your email. But not all of these tools are equally useful, and they can

  • Using Outlook Webmail as a Separate App

    The Webmail version of Outlook provides the fastest, most stable way to connect to your District email. It can be opened on any device

  • Searching for Shared Files in Google Drive

    Google is introducing new search operators—and altering how some current operators work—to make it easier to search for shared files from within Google Drive.

  • Manual Chrome Updates

    Chromebooks typically update to the latest system software (called Chrome OS) without any intervention required. However if you need to manually update Chrome you

  • Managing Confidential Digital Files

    Staff members who handle confidential district business information, including personal information about staff and/or students, have a responsibility to manage that information appropriately. Files

  • Chromebook 10th Anniversary Feature Updates

    Improved Screen Capture Tools, including Video Capture

    Chromebooks now include a more convenient and powerful screen capture tool. Students can access it from the Quick

  • Forwarding Outlook Email

    To ensure that the entire contents of the message you are forwarding get sent properly follow the instructions below. If you are forwarding suspicious

  • Student Bookmarks

    All students have access to a handful of district designated bookmarks that are loaded each time they sign into a Chromebook or a Chrome

  • Use Outlook Webmail as a Separate App

    GVSD Webmail has been upgraded to the Outlook 365 service and the results are impressive. This email solution offers most of the features of

  • District Password Change Instructions

    Staff who need to change their district account password—i.e. the account ending in, not the G Suite account—can use the button below to

  • Multiple Monitor Setups

    Some office staff have multiple monitor setups running through their District supplied laptops. This resource will help staff navigate the Windows settings and physical

  • Viewing PDFs in Chrome

    Your Chrome browser has a setting that controls whether or not you are able to view PDFs directly in the browser. In most cases

  • Exile Unwanted Microsoft Emails

    SD61’s recently upgraded email service now comes with automated messages supplied by Microsoft. Some people like these mails and others definitely do not. If

  • Digital Toolbox

    Online apps and services that will be used by students in the classroom must meet privacy standards established by the Provincial Government. When IT

  • Connecting to External Teams Meetings

    You may be invited to join a Microsoft Teams meeting by an external organization such as the BC Ministry of Education. Please follow these

  • Printing Image Files with Windows 10

    Images on most Windows 10 computers will open in the Windows Photos app unless another default app is selected. The Photos app is very

  • Adding Adobe CC Apps with a District User Licence

    Staff who require Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) apps other than Acrobat Pro for their work can request a licence from the IT for Learning

  • Chromebook Printing with PaperCut

    Until the end of 2020 Chromebook Printing was managed by Google CloudPrint. With the retirement of that service SD61 has introduced a

  • Using GVSD Exchange Online Email

    To increase the security of district email, reduce load on our servers, and provide future compatibility with Microsoft 365 products, SD61 moved our Email

  • Re-Orienting Your Workspace

    Google likes to switch things up on a regular basis. Unlike the venerable Microsoft Office suite, which has used the same name for its