Google Sites

Google Sites is a tool that allows students and teachers to create custom web pages with their own content. Google Sites also has the ability to embedded media from many other Google services, including Docs, Forms, YouTube videos, and Slides. A site can be created for a class, a school, or any other group that needs to quickly share information and ideas—even a team or club. The easy-to-use editor makes it possible to build a site in minutes, create templates for others to use, collaborate with others and create different pages such as announcements, dashboards, file cabinets, or lists. Google Sites also offers control over who has access to each site; share with everyone, or only specific individuals.

Students can use Google Sites to:

  • Create a relevant product to share their learning.
  • Build a website to present a science fair project.
  • Create a personal e-portfolio of their work.
  • Collaborate and share ideas with other students for group work and peer tutoring.
  • Build a website for their research project and publish for the world to see

Teachers can use Google Sites to:

  • Create a class web page, including handouts and tutorial videos.
  • Collaborate with other teachers on department or school-wide projects.
  • Manage a international project that connects teachers and students around the world.
  • Maintain their digital presence as a teacher and leader


Use the resources below to become more familiar with using Google Sites:

Sharing Your Site

As with other G Suite tools you can choose who can view your site once it is published. If you are planning to share information with your students’ families make sure your site will be visible on the public web by following the steps outlined in this Tech Tip:



New Google Sites Tutorial

Classic Google Sites Tutorials (playlist)