Google Slides

Slides offers the ability to share information visually. Students can layer text and images, or include video, sound and other multimedia elements to their work. It is also an excellent tool for working together. Students can team up in person or remotely to work on a presentation together.

With slides you can:

    • Build a simple “website” with links to other slides and/or external media (ex. a YouTube video).
    • Make Infographics with many fonts to choose from and different options for cropping your images.
    • Create new presentations or edit any that were created with Powerpoint, or by another Slides user.
    • Work together with others in the same presentation, either at the same time, or whenever schedules permit.
    • Create hyperlinks to external resources or other slides within the document.
    • Never worry about saving your file; everything is saved automatically and recoverable if you delete the wrong thing.