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Using Microsoft Authenticator

Microsoft Authenticator provides MFA validation Conditional Access for GVSD employees accessing certain web apps and services when off-site. Instructions for setting up Authenticator are here. Once you have the app... Read more

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Conditional Access

What is Conditional Access? In order to keep our security and privacy protocols aligned with industry standards, the IT for Learning Department is introducing Conditional Access policies. Conditional Access makes it... Read more

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Account Compromise and Password Changes

If you are required to change your password because your account credentials have been compromised please follow the instructions below. Method 1: Changing your password from the Staff Portal page Go... Read more

Set Up Microsoft Authenticator

When you are signing into a service managed by Conditional Access from a personal device on a network connection other than SD61 (ex. your home internet, Shaw Open, your phone’s... Read more

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Password Reuse=Major Headaches

There are over 11 billion leaked emails and passwords available on the web, you can check yours here. Reusing passwords puts you at risk and can lead to endless encounters... Read more

Single Sign-On

What is is Single Sign-On? Single Sign-On is a service that reduces the number of times staff members need to enter their username/password in order to access various District supported web... Read more

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Untangling Chrome Extensions

The Google Chrome browser typically ranks near the top of the list when it comes to security. Generally the extensions available to Chrome browsers are safe too, but they can... Read more

Spotlight on Spoofing

What is Spoofing? The word spoof is often used to describe satirical, goofball comedy films that, on the surface, pose as legitimate versions of a more serious genre. The classic movie... Read more