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Single Sign-On

What is is Single Sign-On? Single Sign-On is a service that reduces the number of times staff members need to enter their username/password in order to access various District supported web... Read more

Untangling Chrome Extensions

The Google Chrome browser typically ranks near the top of the list when it comes to security. Generally the extensions available to Chrome browsers are safe too, but they can... Read more

Spotlight on Spoofing

What is Spoofing? The word spoof is often used to describe satirical, goofball comedy films that, on the surface, pose as legitimate versions of a more serious genre. The classic movie... Read more

Malware: Simple Definitions for Common Types

Definitions Malware: a general term refering to programs that are intentionally designed and distributed to damage and/or control computing devices and computer networks. Malware is short for Malicious Software. The following terms refer to... Read more

Reporting Suspicious Email

The IT for Learning Department has developed a new automated process for reviewing suspicious email sent to This procedure helps us review reported emails more efficiently, and act quickly... Read more

Banishing Notification Pop-Ups

If your laptop, desktop or Chromebook is displaying unwanted pop-ups the first place to check is the settings in Google Chrome. Most of the pop-up issues being reported to IT... Read more

Student Privacy & Go Formative

What is GoFormative? GoFormative is a powerful digital tool for gathering student responses to visual and/or text-based questions created by teachers. The web documents created by the application are called Formatives.... Read more