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Elementary and Middle

CSL is a digital service developed by the Greater Victoria School District to facilitate assessment and communicating student learning for K-8 students. CSL has two components: Learning Updates and Digital Portfolio.  All elementary and middle schools use CSL for formal reporting including student Learning Updates and the Summary of Learning.  Teachers have the option to use the digital portfolio should they choose.


SD61 Reporting Guidelines 2023-24 for Elementary and Middle



2023-24 Digital Portfolio Guidelines

Converting goal-setting and self-reflection images for Learning Updates

Click here, to learn how to use the copier to upload images for CSL
(when printing the default size is set to 11″x17″)


CSL secondary is the teacher and PVP application used to support students with these required reporting order activities.  Students complete their goal-setting and self-reflection in Student Connect and parents can view and comment on these activities by accessing Parent Connect.


SD61 Reporting Guidelines 2023-24 for Secondary



Forms and Parent Connect – Admin