About Educator Laptops

September 2023 – The Educator Laptop Program Has Been Extended To Now Include All Teachers!

All teachers of any FTE are now eligible to receive an Educator Laptop! For teachers receiving a laptop for the first time, please continue to review the Guidelines and Expectations page of this website and then click on Participate . We also have a pool of laptops available for TTOCs so all teaching staff will now have fully supported mobile technology in the classrooms.

This update kicks off a significant project to distribute new laptops for teaching staff, setup new workstations in the classroom (new monitor, keyboard, mouse, USB dock), and finally remove the legacy desktop computers from schools. The computer performance improvements will be significant over the current desktop PCs, the new monitors are larger and provide better vision support, the USB dock will allow the laptop to also be used as a second screen as an extra benefit. Everything will connect to the classroom TEC Package as a core requirement.

Timelines: This project will be implemented school by school. This does mean that not all teachers will receive their new laptops immediately and will continue to use the classroom PC until their school is updated. We will complete this project as quickly as possible, as staffing and resources allow, but also with the least disruption to classroom possible. Timelines will be scheduled and communicated more clearly once we have a better understanding from our pilot schools on how long each school will take to update.

If you have any feedback or questions relating to this program, please direct them to

Using Your Educator Laptop

Follow the links below to learn more about using your laptop:

Understanding the Basics

Click here to get your laptop Setup and learn basic information about using your device at work and at home here.

Working With Windows 10

Click here for beginner and Intermediate Tips for working with Windows 10, your laptop’s operating system.

Working With Google’s G-Suite Tools

Your District Google Account (ending in is your ticket to all things Google. Click here to learn more here.

The Laptop’s Physical Layout and Features

Click here to learn about the ports and buttons your laptop uses to connect to other devices.