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Saving Edited PDFs with Orbit Note

Students can use Read&Write tools to add text and simple shapes to teacher supplied PDFs with OrbitNote Reader. For example, a student could fill out a graphic organizer without having... Read more

Screen Recording on Windows

Staff members and students with Windows devices can start a screen recording session using the X Box Game Bar feature. This tool is marketed toward gamers, but it works for... Read more

iPad Screen Recording

iPads and iPhones come with a built-in screen recording tool. Students and staff can enable and use the tool on any device by following the visual instructions below. ... Read more

Chromebook Screen Recording

Chromebooks include their own built in screenshot and screen recording tool. There are two methods for opening the tool: 1. Use the keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+Display Toggle (top row of keys) 2. Click... Read more

Download the Teams Desktop App

The desktop version of Teams is easy to install on any district or personal Windows/Mac system. You do not need administrator privileges. You can get the download link by opening... Read more