CSL Tools

CSL integrates with Parent and Student Connect to support the communication of student learning, digital portfolio engagement, and consent for digital technologies and school-based forms. The following is an explanation of digital services used by teachers, students, and parents in Greater Victoria School District:

  • CSL Elementary and CSL Middle are digital services developed to facilitate assessment and communicate student learning. At Elementary and Middle, CSL is used by teachers to create learning updates and digital portfolios, as well as add consent items for parental sign-off. Activities in CSL Elementary and CSL Middle are reflected in Student and Parent Connect.
  • CSL secondary is used by teachers and administrators to support students with their goal-setting and self-reflection. Activities in CSL Secondary are reflected in Student and Parent Connect.
  • Student Connect and Parent Connect are accessed by students and parents, respectively, to acquire digital learning updates and past assessments, to create digital portfolio artifacts, and to sign digital forms for consent. Parental consent for digital services is required for students in K-8 while students in Grades 9-12 self-consent.