Returning Your Educator Laptop

Teachers who are no longer eligible for the Educator Laptop Program must return their devices. Typically they will receive an email indicating that the laptop must be returned. Teachers who are not using their laptops can also return them voluntarily so that they can be redistributed. In either case there are three ways to return the laptop.

  1. Return the laptop directly to the Information Technology for Learning Department: You can bring your laptop—and charger—back to the Help Desk.  We are on the second floor of the board office, 556 Boleskine Rd., through the doorway labelled Information Technology.
  2. Have your school technologist retrieve your laptop: Send an email to  We will open a Web Help Desk ticket for you and have your school technologist contact you to arrange a pick-up date.
  3. Leave the laptop with your school Principal/VP: If neither option one or two suits your situation you can leave the laptop with your administrator, and we can arrange to collect it from them. Email us at with your name, your school, and the name of the person who has your laptop. Help Desk will open a ticket for the school technologist to pick-up the laptop.