Mobile devices and cloud-based software are becoming increasingly prevalent in our everyday lives. We recognize the value of these technologies as relevant and engaging tools for students to develop digital literacy skills and to amplify quality teaching and learning.

Greater Victoria School District 61 believes that the most important element when considering the adoption of any online tool is the implications on student privacy and safety. The use of G Suite for Education with our students has been carefully reviewed by district management.

G-Suite is a powerful collection of secure online collaboration and productivity tools for students and teachers, as well as unlimited online file storage to be used for educational purposes. These tools are accessible from any network that is connected to the internet and offer tremendous opportunities for students to extend learning beyond their school and into their home and community.

Greater Victoria School District 61 supports G-Suite for students and teachers. The use of G-Suite is voluntary and student and/or parent consent is required. The G-Suite platform aligns with the Information Technology Department Plan, and Technology for Learning Plan, as well as allows us to:

  • improve student and teacher workflow for collaboration, communication, and sharing of learning;
  • support and enhance the delivery of educational services to students;
  • enhance opportunities for staff to participate in professional development activities;