Chromebooks are portable, lightweight computers that connect students wirelessly to their G Suite for Education accounts—ending in Chromebooks are an ideal solution for a wide array of student learning needs. The Chromebook platform facilitates collaborative learning with G-Suite tools including: Docs, Sheets, Forms, Sites, Chrome, and Google Drive.

Please note that a Chromebook is not a fully-featured laptop. The benefit of a Chromebook is that it is low cost, cloud based mobile device ideal for sharing and doing light computing tasks. A Chromebook can work nicely with other more powerful devices, like iPads and Windows PCs because files can be easily accessed across devices using Google Drive.

Please view our G-Suite resource page for more information about these powerful tools including Google Read & Write and Shared Drives.

Chromebook Printing

Printing is available for Chromebooks at any school that has previously requested the service. If your school is on the list of locations using Managed Print Services the instructions on this page will tell you how to use PaperCut Mobility Print. If your school does not yet use Managed Print Services please follow these instructions.