iPad Lockscreen Requirements

Staff iPads require passcodes, however student do not passcodes. Students should not be using Staff iPads to do their work, but staff iPads can be reset to be used as student devices by creating a Helpdesk request.

There are several reasons why the passcode requirement are necessary for staff devices:

  • These devices may contain data, including private communications, and student information not intended for public viewing.
  • People with unauthorized access to staff devices may modify or delete important files.
  • Staff may maintain public facing web apps and/or social media profiles on their devices (ex. FreshGrade, Google Classroom) which could be compromised if their device is left unlocked.
  • Staff devices are setup especially for staff use. They were never intended to be used as student devices.

Staff who need to log on to student devices to transfer files via Google Drive can do so, but they must log out when finished (instructions for newer iPads here; older iPads here).