Windows 10

What is Windows 10/Office 2016?

Windows 10 is the current version of the Windows Operating System from Microsoft. It has been designed to be fast, intuitive, and secure. Office 2016 is the standard version of Microsoft’s Office Suite (Word, Outlook, Excel, etc.) for GVSD computers. All district managed Windows computers have now been upgraded to Windows 10/Office 2016. All of your Microsoft Office documents and other files will remain available, no matter what system you were using before.


How Do I Learn More About Windows 10/Office 2016?

Click the image to view resources designed to help users transitioning from Windows 7 to Windows 10, as well as users who have been using Windows 10 for a while.
Click the image to view Microsoft's training materials for Office Software, including printable Quick Start guides for Office 2016.

Windows 10 Information by Topic

Getting StartedWindows 10 BasicsCustomizing the TaskbarCustomizing the Start MenuSearching in Windows 10Changing the default PDF ReaderWindows 10 SettingsOffice 2016

Where is My Outlook Email?

Although many of the Windows 10 icons will look familiar to users the Outlook Email icon has changed colour, as well as shape. Note the difference:

Why Can’t I Keep Using Windows 7/Office 2010?

Prior to September 2019 a majority of District managed computers were running Windows 7 and the version of Microsoft Office installed depended on when the computer was last serviced. The move to a new system will be a big adjustment for some users, however there are several important reasons why these changes needed to be made:

  • Security: Windows 7/Office 2010 no longer receive security updates from Microsoft. Updating to Windows 10 keeps our staff and student data safe, and protects our entire network.
  • Compatibility: Web technologies, like Google Chrome, only support current versions of Windows. Once Windows 7 is retired by Microsoft other companies will stop supplying updates too. Eventually websites, printers, etc. will not work properly with Windows 7.
  • Consistency: ¬†With all computers using the same versions of Windows and Office IT Support Staff can provide universal support to users. This means getting training & documentation that relate directly to the system you are using. It also simplifies the troubleshooting and resolution of issues that users are experiencing on their computers. For itinerant staff, and staff moving to new locations, consistency means that their experience will be the same, no matter what computer they are using.