Connecting Chromebooks to SD61 WiFi

NOTE: These instructions are for connecting personal Chromebooks to the SD61 wifi network. If a district-managed Chromebook is no longer connecting to the network after you have restarted the device please submit a Helpdesk ticket to request assistance.

Specific settings are required to connect to the SD61 wifi network. They are as follows:

EAP method: PEAP
EAP Phase 2 authentication: MSVCHAPv2 (Automatic may also work)
Server CA certificate:
Identity: <SD61 username/student number> NOTE: Do NOT use G SUITE Login Info
Password: <password>
Anonymous identity: Do not attempt to use this section. Leave it blank.
(Enable Save identity and password)

Note:  Students use their six-digit student number and associated password, while staff use their SD61 username (typically first initial, last name) and password. Using district sd61learn Google account credentials will not grant access to the SD61 wifi network.