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With Apple's iMovie students can create Hollywood-style trailers or create short films from scratch. Add titles, music and visual effects like slow-motion and green screen backgrounds. Apple has published some... Read more

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Google Translate

Google Translate interprets most of the world's most popular languages. It accepts typed, spoken or photographed input and can output written and verbal replys in any of the languages it... Read more

ShowMe Interactive Whiteboard

ShowMe Interactive Whiteboard allows students to record a video demonstration. They can draw, write and import pictures onto the whiteboard, and add a voice-over as well. Useful for flipped classroom... Read more

PicCollage: Photo Layout Edits

PicCollage allows students to combine several photos into a single image. The app includes stickers, different layout templates, the ability to cut out images and a doodle function. **Privacy Review Pending Read more