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Using Outlook Webmail as a Separate App

The Webmail version of Outlook provides the fastest, most stable way to connect to your District email. It can be opened on any device by following this link: One of... Read more

Forwarding Outlook Email

To ensure that the entire contents of the message you are forwarding get sent properly follow the instructions below. If you are forwarding suspicious email please send it to Outlook... Read more

Exile Unwanted Microsoft Emails

SD61's recently upgraded email service now comes with automated messages supplied by Microsoft. Some people like these mails and others definitely do not. If you are in the later camp... Read more

Using GVSD Exchange Online Email

To increase the security of district email, reduce load on our servers, and provide future compatibility with Microsoft 365 products, SD61 moved our Email service to Exchange Online in December... Read more

Forwarding Your District Gmail to GVSD Email

Why forward your GSuite email to your Outlook email? Get notified when students submit assignments to Google Classroom—fine tune what you get notified about in Classroom following these instructions. Get... Read more

Setting an Out of Office Reply

When you leave your classroom, office and/or kitchen table for a well-deserved break this summer you may want to set up an Out of Office reply for your work email.... Read more

GVSD Webmail

What is GVSD Webmail Your school district email account is a vital communication tool that keeps you connected to what's happening at your worksite and beyond. GVSD Webmail uses Microsoft's Outlook... Read more

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