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Saving Edited PDFs with Orbit Note

Students can use Read&Write tools to add text and simple shapes to teacher supplied PDFs with OrbitNote Reader. For example, a student could fill out a graphic organizer without having... Read more

Chromebook Screen Recording

Chromebooks include their own built in screenshot and screen recording tool. There are two methods for opening the tool: 1. Use the keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+Display Toggle (top row of keys) 2. Click... Read more

Entering Grad Assessment Sessions

BC Graduation Assessments are accessed through a secure browser session, developed by the Ministry of Education. These instructions detail how to join a secure session (District G Suite login required... Read more

Manual Chrome Updates

Chromebooks typically update to the latest system software (called Chrome OS) without any intervention required. However if you need to manually update Chrome you can follow the instructions on the... Read more