Google Account Creation for New Secondary Students

Students who are new in Grade 9 or higher will use Student Connect to create a District Google account. Follow the instructions below to help students sign in.

  1. In order for students to create a District Google account they must first have a District login (student number + password). Use Tools for Schools to ensure that the student is enrolled and, if necessary change their password to something they can remember (instructions here).
  2. Students login to with their student number and password.
  3. There will be a Google consent available in the forms section. Have students review the document and click the green “Grant Consent” button at the bottom (Video instructions here).
  4. Make a note of the student’s account name, it should be the same as their student number. The default password will also appear with the message.
  5. Wait for up to 15 minutes for the account creation to occur and then have the student log in. Use the default password for first log in and then change the password to something the student will remember.