Import Google Calendar Events with CSV

Entering a year’s worth of events by clicking through dates on your  Google Calendar pages is monotonous, and a poor use of your precious time. Uploading your events in a .csv file will save you from a ton of tedium.

    1. Create a copy of the CSV to Google Calendar Template to use with Google Sheets or download the csv file to your computer for use with Excel.

Follow these Guidelines:

      • Each event must be on a separate line of the spreadsheet
      • All-day events must be assigned the value TRUE in the “All Day Event” column
      • Non-All day events must be assigned the value FALSE in the “All Day Event” column and must have valid Start and End Time values (in 12-hour format, not military time)
      • Dates must be in the format MM/DD/YYYY
      • Be sure to save the file as a .csv file (not .xls)
    1. go to https:/ and follow the instructions on the screenshots below: