Lock Screen Timeout Settings for GVSD Computers

What is a lock screen timeout?

A lock screen is a security feature that keeps confidential and personal information safe by requiring a password in order to start/continue working with their device. A timeout is the amount of time a computer or mobile device can remain idle before a staff member must re-enter their password.

Why is a timeout being implemented now?

Our schools are public spaces, but some of the data we access on our district computers is confidential and sensitive. While convenience and ease-of-use are factors with respect to classroom technology, protection of a student’s personal information is a fundamental responsibility for all employees of the district. A thirty minute timeout balances the needs of the classroom with the necessity to protect student information following best practice standards.

How can I keep my computer from locking?

Any input to the computer—a jiggle of the mouse, a touch of the smartboard screen, a tap of the spacebar—will prevent the screen from locking and reset the timer.


Will the session timeout stop the processes my computer is running?

Lock Screen timeouts do not affect rendering, 3D printing, downloads or other user initiated processes—in fact they are a benefit to users running hours long renders, because the user’s data is kept safe while these jobs run. Processes are only terminated if a users logs out completely.

How can I lock my screen without waiting 30 minutes?

On Windows computers a lock screen can be manually initiated by a user at anytime by tapping the Windows Key and the letter L at the same time (a.k.a. Win+L). Download a printable reminder poster for your classroom here.