Outlook Mobile App

All mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.) come with their own built-in email app. But if you are viewing GVSD email on your device the IT for Learning Department strongly recommends that you choose Microsoft’s Outlook Mobile app over any built-in or third-party email app. Using Outlook Mobile provides the following advantages:

  • Easy setup with your district email and password
  • Integrates easily with Microsoft Authenticator when accessing email from home
  • Is regularly updated by Microsoft to ensure security and continuity of service
  • Keeps work email and personal email independent of each other:
        • Set up separate notifications for work vs. personal email
        • Prevents you from sending emails from the wrong address accidentally
        • Have a separate place to store work contacts and calendar events
  • Is visually similar to the Outlook Web App and includes the ability to search for organizational contacts, create new calendar events, etc.

Get the App

Outlook-Mobile-QRScan this QR Code with your phone, or go to: https://w2.outlook.com/l/mobile to download the app for your device.

iPhone/iPad Instructions

Android Instructions