PowerSchool Support

Our PowerSchool/Atrieve software is now hosted online. As a result GVSD Staff no longer have the ability to reset passwords and perform certain other functions that we previously managed. See the list below to determine if you should contact Helpdesk or PowerSchool for support:

Contact Helpdesk for:

  • Permissions changes or issues within eServices or Atrieve (BAS, OPS, PRM)
  • New users who have had an Atrieve account before
  • New users who have never had an Atrieve account before

Contact PowerSchool directly for:

  • Password changes for login accounts 1203XXXXXXXX
  • Deleting batches
  • In program troubleshooting and issue resolution

Contacting PowerSchool

Phone support: 866-434-6276 (Monday – Friday 8:30 AM-4:30 PM PT)

Register with the PowerSchool Community for access to their: