Printing with Chromebooks at non-MPS Schools

Chromebook printing was previously handled by a technology called Google Cloud Print. Cloud Print was discontinued in December 2020 and a slight adjustment has been made to schools that allow printing from Chromebooks. You may need to re-add the printer(s) you used previously. If so, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the vertical ellipsis (stop light) in the upper right of the browser window, beside your user icon.
  2. Select Print…
  3. Click on Destination
  4. Select the printer if you see it. If not click See more…
  5. Find the printer in the list of available printers. Depending on how many printers are available to you the list may contain several options.
  6. Your printer should now be selected. It may remain as the default printer next time you print, but you should always check this box just to make sure.
  7. Click in the More Settings area to see what other options are available before you print.