Re-Orienting Your Workspace

Google likes to switch things up on a regular basis. Unlike the venerable Microsoft Office suite, which has used the same name for its products since floppy disks were a thing, Google changes its services, and their names almost on a whim.

G Suite was Google Apps for Education, is now Google Workspace.

But a taste for the novel can sometimes usher in useful changes, as well as ones that appear more cosmetic in nature. Google has introduced two changes to Google Docs and Gmail that may offer some popular appeal.

Work with multiple page orientations in Google Docs

Google Docs now allows users to flip page orientation mid-document. Have a table that stretches past the margins, or a land-scape oriented full page image you want to insert in a Doc? Then this solution is for you. Check out Google’s GIF image promoting this feature. Read the full article here.

Open Office attachments directly in Google Docs from Gmail

Users can now open and edit Microsoft Office files from Gmail without having to convert them to Google’s format. The file can then be sent back to a collaborator who is working with office. Read the full article here.