Set Up Microsoft Authenticator

When you are signing into a service managed by Conditional Access from a personal device on a network connection other than SD61 (ex. your home internet, Shaw Open, your phone’s data connection) you will need to prove your identity using a Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) tool to gain access. The IT for Learning Department supports the Microsoft Authenticator app for this process. Please follow the instructions below to set it up on your device.

Setting Up Microsoft Authenticator

To set up Microsoft Authenticator for the first time you must:

  • Have your mobile device and a computer in front of you before you begin. Do not attempt to complete these steps using just a mobile phone.
  • Be at a school or GVSD location and connected to the SD61 Wi-Fi network.

Please review the instructions before proceeding and use our instructional video for reference only.

Part 1: Download Microsoft Authenticator for Your Mobile Device

Microsoft Authenticator is available for iPhone/iPad and Android devices. To download the app:

    1. Open this link on your computer
    2. Open the camera app on your phone/tablet
    3. Hover the camera over the QR code for your operating system (iOS for iPhone/iPad, Android for others)
    4. An indicator will appear and if you position it over top of the code a link will pop up
    5. Tap the link to be directed to the app store for your device and download the Authenticator app

STEP 2: Follow the video instructions to authorize Authenticator on your device