Tools for Schools: Tips & Tricks

Tools for Schools is a collection of web application built by the Greater Victoria School district. This article looks at two popular tools: the Student Account Management tool—available to all staff—and the Staff Access tool—available to administrators and office staff for adding temporary employees to school mailing lists and collaboration folders.

Student Account Management

This tool allows school staff to reset student passwords, and perform other related actions without assistance from the Help Desk. Options of what can be managed vary depending on a staff member’s role. Right click this link to open Tools for Schools in a new window, and follow the instructions in this presentation (district G Suite login required).

Connecting Student Devices to the Wi-Fi Network

These instructions show how Tools for Schools can be used to connect student owned BYOD’s to the school’s wifi network.

Managing Generic Division Accounts

Primary teachers and teacher librarians often use a generic login/password to grant access to the internet and/or library resources. The password for this account can also be reset in Tools for Schools by following the instructions on this slideshow (district G Suite login required).

Staff Access

Temporary Staff

Temporary can be added to a location’s staff list (DL) and given access to collaboration folders, using the Staff Access tool. Read this document for more information (district G Suite login required).