Weekly Tech for Learning Tips

  • Using your TEC Package to Play Music without the projector

    How do I play sound without using my projector?
    You are able to play sound from any device plugged in through either HDMI, a

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  • Forwarding Gmail to Outlook
    Forward your Gmail to Outlook

    Why forward your GSuite email to your Outlook email?

    When someone shares any folder, document, calendar invite, etc, in our G Suite environment you are

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  • Staff Bookmarks

    ATTENTION: All SD61 Staff
    It is now easier to access frequently visited websites in Chrome.  “Staff Bookmarks” have been added to your browser when

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  • Draftback

    Draftback is a writing tool that allows teachers to view the process of student writing.  This Google Docs Add-on plays back, in video form, student

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Stream content wirelessly to your TEC Package!

You can now stream wirelessly from your Teacher Laptop or iOS device to your TEC package projector screen.

If you want to stream wirelessly from your desktop or laptop PC, see our Air Parrot tutorial. To stream from you iPad or iPhone, see our AirPlay tutorial. Happy streaming!