Getting Started

These resources will help you get acquainted with Windows 10, whether you are transitioning from Windows 7, or have been using Windows 10 for a while already.

  • Windows 10 Basics: This page provides some introductory information about Windows 10, including diagrams and comparisons between the Windows 7 & 10 environments.
  • Customizing the Taskbar: This page will show you how to add programs to your taskbar.
  • Customizing the Start Menu: This page reviews the Start Menu and shows you how to change some of the default settings by introducing the concepts of searching for and applying Settings in Windows 10.
  • Changing the Default PDF Reader: Windows 10 uses its Edge browser to display PDFs. SD61 has a more advanced PDF viewer/editor installed on all PCs: Adobe Acrobat DC. This page describes how to get the computer to open PDFs with Acrobat.
  • Windows 10 Settings: The Control Panel in Windows 7 has been replaced with Settings. This page gives an example of how to use settings, and shows you how to find the Control Panel if you need it.
Getting StartedWindows 10 BasicsCustomizing the TaskbarCustomizing the Start MenuSearching in Windows 10Changing the default PDF ReaderWindows 10 SettingsOffice 2016