Microsoft Bookings

What is Microsoft Bookings?

Bookings is a Microsoft 365 product that integrates with an organization’s Outlook calendars. It is used to book and manage appointments with staff/external clients/parents.

The data generated by Bookings is stored in Canada, ensuring compliance with BC’s privacy laws.

How is Bookings Set up?

The IT for Learning Department should be involved in creating any new Bookings instance site. Office staff may add additional details about the school under the business section. Schools can create events beyond Parent/Teacher meetings as required.

Who will use Bookings?

Office staff will have the admin access necessary to create events and make changes to them. Teachers and other support staff should generally restricted to viewer status, except by special request to the school’s administration.


This video demonstrates how to set up a booking service for Parent Teacher Meetings.

Staff Names

The app lists staff by <First Last> name by default. Names should be manually entered as <Last, First> so parents/clients can find the staff member easily.

Parent Teacher Meetings with 30+ staff members

The app limits the number of staff that can be assigned to a service. Schools with more than 30 staff members should create multiple services with names listed alphabetically. For example:

  • Service #1: November Parent Teacher Meeting: Teachers A to F
  • Service #2: November Parent Teacher Meeting: Teachers G to M
  • Service #3: November Parent Teacher Meeting: Teachers N to Z

To duplicate services easily toggle to the newer version of Bookings:

Select the service and click the duplicate button:

Printing the appointments

Bookings does not create a clean print-out for teachers to review their appointment schedule, however each booking should appear in the individual teacher’s Outlook calendar.