Microsoft Bookings for Teachers

Sending A Video Conference Meeting Link


Follow these instructions on using your Personal Meeting ID (PMI) to invite parents via Zoom.

Microsoft Teams

Teams does not have a PMI link to send to participants. You can however create a meeting that spans multiple days and use the same URL for all participants. In order to generate the meeting link though you must add an invitee to your meeting (you can send an invite to yourself using a different email address)

  1. Open Teams and click the Calendar icon on the left
  2. Click the New meeting button and title your meeting
  3. Enter an external email address
  4.  Set the time for the meeting
  5.  Ensure that Require registration is set to None
  6.  Click Send to commit the changes
  7.  A Copy link button will appear in the header area, and on the calendar page. Click on this to copy the link
  8. Paste the link in your email along with the rest of your message

Reviewing your Appointments

Option 1: Outlook Web

The easiest way to review your appointments is to use the Outlook Web App. The desktop version of Outlook will also work, but may look a bit different than the diagram published below.

  1. Open the Outlook Web app in your browser.
  2.  Click the calendar icon on the left-hand side of the window
  3.  Click on the date you want to review
  4. Booked appointments will show up on right hand side; click one to see details
  5.  Expand the window further to see more details about the appointment


Option 2: Use the Bookings app

First Login

The first time you use the service you need to:

Navigate to:

  1. Click the “Get it now” button
  2. Search for your school’s name
  3. Click on your school’s name to go to the Bookings page
  4. If you are setting up the Bookings page and do not have administrative access please contact helpdesk for support. Most teachers will only need viewer access

Checking the Calendar

  1. After you have signed in click the calender icon in the sidetab orf go to the calendar page:
  2. choose the date(s) of the meeting(s) to review who has signed up for which slot


The easiest way to block off a time where you are unavailable is to go through your school’s published Bookings site and book yourself in slots where you do not wish to be available. If you need to schedule interviews that are drastically different from what the school is offering due to other commitments please discuss your needs with the office.