Predictive Text in Outlook Web

Outlook Web has Predictive Text turned on by default. If you are the type of person who likes suggestions while you type this feature can be a time-saver. If predictive text proves to be a distraction you can easily turn it off.

Predictive Text looks like this when enabled. Hit the tab key to accept the suggestions and keep typing:

Disable Predictive Text

To disable predictive text:

    1. Click the settings icon (gear shape) in the upper right of the Outlook Web window
    2. In the Search Outlook settings box type the word “predict”
    3. Click on Text predictions below the search box
    4.  Uncheck Suggest words or phrases as I type (image below)
    5.  Save your changes
    6.  Close the settings pane.

    You will no longer see predictive text as you type.