Responsible Use Guidelines

Staff who are using the SD61 GSuite platform need to familiarize themselves with the uses and types of information that are both acceptable and unacceptable.

Acceptable Uses/Types of Information

  • Classroom assignments, research notes, presentations, school-based projects
  • Multimedia objects created by students (videos, pictures, audio files, animations, etc)
  • Quizzes, tests, surveys
  • Professional development materials and documents
  • Summative assessments (e.g., teacher comments, peer feedback)
  • Calendars for assignment dates, project deadlines, events
  • Communication with teachers and other students related to educational purposes

Unacceptable Uses/Types of Information

  • Avoid unnessessary personally identifiable information
  • Any personally identifiable information about others who have not provided consent
  • Health information and history (e.g., specialist assessments, psychology reports, IEPs)

Inappropriate or prohibited use of SD61 GSuite will be subject to the terms defined by district policy and regulations.

The use of SD61 GSuite staff accounts are bound by the Employee Acceptable use of Electronic Communications Systems in School (Regulation 4216.2).

As as overview, this document states that users will conduct themselves in a courteous, ethical and responsible manner while using all district technology resources, which will be extended to include the SD61 GSuite platform.

Personal account information and any created or uploaded content is hosted by Google beyond Canada therefore there are important limitations to the types of information that can be shared within the SD61 GSuite system.
Staff and students must remember that the purpose of the Gsuite tools are for “educational use” and to better meet the needs of learning in a digital age. Therefore any and all steps must be taken to minimize sensitive and personally identifiable information in SD61 GSuite system.