Student Bookmarks

All students have access to a handful of district designated bookmarks that are loaded each time they sign into a Chromebook or a Chrome browser on a PC. These bookmarks are different depending on what school the students attend. School admin can request additional bookmarks for their school based on need. Some bookmarks are added for a particular short-term requirement and then taken away afterwards.

Troubleshooting the Student Bookmarks Folder

There are three reasons why a student may not see the bookmarks folder:

  1. They are not signed in with their SD61learn account. Students using personal Chromebooks, or the Chrome browser on a Mac/PC must sign in with their district sd61learn account to see the bookmarks.
  2. They have hidden the Student Bookmarks folder.
  3. They have hidden the Bookmarks bar (NOTE: This ability is disabled on Many student accounts)

Issue 1 is resolved by logging out of a personal or guest account and logging into the students SD61learn account.

Issues 2 & 3 are resolved by:

  1. Right clicking anywhere on the bookmarks bar (or in the area directly below the address bar)
  2. Clicking on the Show School Bookmarks menu item so that the checkmark appears (or Show bookmarks bar if applicable).