Zoom 40 Minute Limits & PT Conferences

As unlimited (aka Pro) Zoom licences are no longer available to staff there is some concern about the ability to host upcoming Parent Teacher conferences with the 40 minute limit imposed by having a free (aka Basic) Zoom licence. But as long as Parent Teacher conferences are being held with just two active users (the teacher/host and parent(s)/participant) there are no time limits. The limits are only enforced when there are three or more active connections in a Zoom meeting room.

Teachers can send their private meeting room’s url to all parents and as long as they are only admitting one connection at time they will not need to restart Zoom every 40 minutes. There may be circumstances where parents need to join from different locations, but as most individual meetings are only ~15 minutes this should not impact the 40 minute limit. The timer should reset if the next meeting only requires two active connections.

If a meeting does approach the 40 minute mark hosts are warned of the upcoming limit, allowing them to ask the parents to rejoin the meeting after the teacher closes and reopens their Zoom room.