District Password Change Instructions

Staff who need to change their district account password (ending in @sd61.bc.ca) can use the button below to access the form.

Note: changing your password will also affect your ability to connect to wifi and access your email on any personal mobile devices you use at work. Information on changing your wifi and email settings are below.


Consider using a passphrase, rather than a traditional Complex Password, to make it easier to remember your password.

Password Complexity

  • Passwords must be a minimum of 8 characters in length.
  • The password must contain 3 out of 4 of these character types:
    • Uppercase letter(s):  (ABC..XYZ)
    • Lowercase letter(s): (abc..xyz)
    • Number(s): 0–9
    • One or more of the following characters: ! @ – # _ $ % ^ & *
  • The password cannot be one that has been used previously.
  • Known bad passwords (ex. Password1234) will be automatically rejected.

Error Messages

Reconnecting to GVSD WiFi

If you regularly use a personal device (mobile phone, laptop, etc.) on the SD61 network you will need to reconnect it to the network with your new password. This page demonstrates how to (re)connect your personal device to the  SD61 Wi-Fi network.  If you are having trouble connecting delete the existing network infomation (on Apple devices tap the blue i beside SD61 and then Forget This Network, on Android follow the procedure for your device/version.) If you are prompted to install a Network Profile accept the request.

Reconnecting to GVSD Webmail

If you use your personal mobile device to recieve work emails you will need to re-enter your password. If you use the built-in email app on your device you may need to remove and re-add your email address and password as described here. If you use the ITL recommended Outlook Mobile App on your device follow the prompts to enter your new password.