Searching in Windows 10

Searching from Start

Searching from Start

You can search for applications, documents and settings by clicking the Start Menu or magnifying glass at the bottom left of the screen (1) and then typing your query. Top results will start showing up in the menu as you type (2).

Use the tabs at the top to narrow your search to Apps, Documents or Settings. Further categories are available under the Filters drop-down to the right.

Unfortunately, searching for documents using this method does not usually provide useful results because the search function does not look at your H and W (i.e. Collaboration) Drives where most of your files are stored. To search for files in your H and W Drives (or other networked drives) open a File Explorer window instead.

Searching With the File Explorer

Using the File Explorer will yield search results from whatever drive you point it to. The File Explorer icon is on your taskbar by default, it looks like a yellow file folder:

The File Explorer Icon

Click on the icon to open File Explorer. Highlight the drive you want to search by clicking on it in the left-hand sidebar (1). Type your query into the search box at the top right of the window (2). A green progress bar will let you know that the computer is processing the results (3). Results will appear in the main pane of the window as they are found (4).

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