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Forwarding Your District Gmail to GVSD Email

Why forward your GSuite email to your Outlook email? Get notified when students submit assignments to Google Classroom—fine tune what you get notified about in Classroom following these instructions. Get... Read more

Google Classroom Notifications

Sometimes students miss a teacher's feedback when it is communicated through Google Classroom. One common reason for this is that the students have their notifications turned off. Notifications cannot be... Read more

Stopping Smart Compose Suggestions

Smart Compose is a new Google Docs feature that introduces predictive text. The feature appears to be turned on by default, but it can be disabled by users individually. Read... Read more

Publishing Google Sites to the Web

Follow these steps to ensure that Google Site can be viewed by everyone on the web, not just people with a district G Suite account. [caption id="attachment_5464" align="aligncenter" width="800"] Click the... Read more