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Viewing PDFs in Chrome

Your Chrome browser has a setting that controls whether or not you are able to view PDFs directly in the browser. In most cases you do want to view PDFs... Read more

Chromebook Printing with PaperCut

Until the end of 2020 Chromebook Printing was managed by Google CloudPrint. With the retirement of that service SD61 has introduced a replacement solution called PaperCut Mobility Print. The app... Read more

Re-Orienting Your Workspace

Google likes to switch things up on a regular basis. Unlike the venerable Microsoft Office suite, which has used the same name for its products since floppy disks were a... Read more

Three New Features for Google Meet

Google Meet has recently added three features that will enhance video conferencing in remote and blended learning scenarios. The Auto and Tiled views now show up to 49 participants. A... Read more