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Banishing Notification Pop-Ups

If your laptop, desktop or Chromebook is displaying unwanted pop-ups the first place to check is the settings in Google Chrome. Most of the pop-up issues being reported to IT... Read more

Clearing Your Chrome Browser Cache

Clearing your browser cache can resolve a number of common problems encountered when trying to use web applications. Follow these steps to clear your cache when using a Chrome browser: ... Read more

Chrome Browser Link & Sync

Losing your bookmarks can be painful. Fortunately it's completely avoidable. If you have a District Google account (ending in you can login to your Chrome browser and keep your... Read more

Check out Google’s CS First Program!

Looking to an easy and interactive way to bring computer science into your classroom but don't know where to start? Google has put together the amazingĀ CS FirstĀ curriculum that includes lessons,... Read more